We leverage our entrepreneurial expertise and experience working in frontier markets to develop businesses. In the process, we continue to develop a deeper understanding of the operating environment.

Asia Strategic is focused on becoming a key player in Myanmar’s evolution by pioneering Myanmar-focused consumer operating companies. Our goals are:

  • To provide foreign investors with exposure to Myanmar-focused businesses
  • To partner with leading global strategic players enabling them to tap into the booming Myanmar economy
  • To help Myanmar businesses create value by scaling and expanding responsibly
  • To provide Myanmar investors and entrepreneurs with opportunities for investment diversification
Through our leadership team, external consultants and advisors and partners, we are able to leverage a global network of experienced professionals across different sectors and markets.

Over the years, Asia Strategic has evaluated a large number of projects sponsored by domestic and foreign entrepreneurs including, among others, projects in hospitality, education, retail, healthcare, telecommunications and renewable energy.

We actively look for both international and local partners to help develop our platform. You can find us on the ground scouting for opportunities or contact us at