Operating Portfolio



  • Acquisition Date: May 2018
  •  Services: Security Risk Management
  •   Service area: Countrywide


With Myanmar’s recent reopening to the rest of the world, multinational corporations have shown increased interest in setting up or expanding operations in the country.  Coupled with robust economic expansion, business to business services are in ever increasing demand.  Foreign companies need assistance establishing themselves in a non-transparent market and localising operations, while local companies are facing increasing competition and need to internationalise their businesses or risk falling behind.


Asia Strategic is focused on identifying and partnering with high quality service providers that will help Myanmar transition to a more developed economy and shape the future of the country. 


Asia Strategic acquired Exera, a leading security risk management service provider, by undertaking an in-depth due diligence process and negotiating and structuring the deal.

Asia Strategic led this deal by:

  •  Sourcing the business opportunity
  •  Underwriting the industry and conducting a competitive analysis
  •  Performing due diligence on the target
  •  Negotiating and structuring the deal
  •  Identifying areas for business expansion and cost reduction
  •  Retaining the management team and supporting team training
  •  Standardizing day-to-day operations

What We Seek

Asia Strategic is focused on helping grow Exera’s existing operations in guarding & protective services, security training services, investigative & risk services and journey management services as well as expanding into other areas such as cash-in-transit services.

The team is keen to evaluate partnerships in other serviced related segments. Our market knowledge of and operational experience in Myanmar makes us an attractive business partner.

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